round jute rug

Use Colorful Natural Pieces to Create Decorating Magic

Colorful, natural-fiber rugs and bedding can add instant charm to rooms, but finding them is not always easy. Fortunately, specialty businesses like Sage & Clare roam the world to find artisan-crafted products made in brilliant colors and old-world fabrics. Whether you need a single focus piece or are planning an entire "jute rugs bohemian bedding" theme, these experts can help. They offer the ideal flooring, throws, quilt covers, blankets, and more.

Brilliant Rugs Provide an Exotic Flavor

The most beautiful natural fibers and jute rugs are often imported and created by artisans. Specialty store buyers roam the globe to find styles designed, dyed, and woven by local craftsmen. As a result, the patterns and colors they offer are so vibrant that they easily become the focus of any room. They will help you find a large patchwork wool rug created from vintage Turkish fabric. There are unique Moroccan boucherouite rugs woven according to artists' whims and containing charming imperfections. You can find a brilliantly-hued overdyed rug in an eye-popping exotic pink or a crocheted bohemian rugs. Rugs in dozens of dazzling textures and styles also make stunning wall hangings.

Natural Fibers Create Breezy Bedding

Sellers who source fabrics from the Middle East typically carry bedding woven from natural wool and cotton. Many items are offered in their natural, cool, crisp beiges and whites. Quilt covers, blankets, and throws in these airy bohemian styles add an inviting look to bedding. In addition, artisans often add unique touches, such as bright fringes. Many bed covers and throws also feature one-of-a-kind hand stamped designs. Some fabrics are dyed in an array of reds, blues, and yellows, which give them their Middle Eastern flair. You can also dress up bedding and bedroom accessories with their rainbow-colored cushions and color block pillow cases match or complement other radiant fabrics. In addition to being beautiful, their natural materials are durable and feel wonderful against the skin.

Bohemian Decorating Is Versatile

Once you have created an exotic bedroom retreat with colorful fabrics and a jute rug, you can carry the theme into the rest of the house. You will find handwoven baskets, vintage room dividers, and fabric garlands. There are pouffe cushions in vivid colors and bath sheets woven in dazzling patterns. Specialty sellers offer unique bookshelves, cupboards, and floor cushions. Since store buyers often buy one-of-a-kind furniture and fabrics, you can usually find pieces that no one else will have. They can be combined to create a complete theme or used to add a color pop to any living area.

It is easy to create breezy, exotic rooms when you work with natural fabrics created by Middle Eastern craftsmen. Stores who offer these items often shop the globe to find unique fabrics, furnishings, and rugs. They offer bedding, cushions, accessories, and more in a wide range of brilliant colors and patterns.